About Us

Texas Apparel Company was founded because we absolutely love Texas. Really, that’s why! It's not only the best place on earth, it's also home.


We think the best of Texas, and when the disheartening reality set in that there was no obvious Texas brand that created apparel that embodied the proud Texan spirit, without poking fun at Texas for business success, we quickly got to work!


Opened in 2020, the purpose of Texas Apparel Company has been to provide comfortable, casual, and attractive apparel designed for proud Texans desiring to express their pride in a unique and exclusive way.


Texas Apparel Company was also created to give back to the Texas community to help support our great state and all of our fellow Texans. When someone purchases our apparel, we will donate a portion of sales to the associated charity or organization (identified in the product description). We are extremely privileged to not only provide great Texas apparel to proud Texans, but to also support our state through your support!


Whether by birth or by heart, Texans are extremely proud to call Texas home. We are those who hold the unwavering belief that “Texas is best”. Afterall, there truly is no better place than Texas. It’s a part of who we are. As we continue in our journey to provide glorious Texas apparel, we will continue to hold true to Texas spirit.


We hope to serve any or all of your Texas apparel needs! If you have any requests, questions, suggestions, concerns, or anything else, feel free to reach out to us anytime!